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Retail and e-Commerce

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Energy and Transportation

« Supermood brings a real team cohesion which at the same time brings information sharing and frees the speech via constructive verbatims. »

Eyal Schwebel, Change Manager, EDF

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Hélène Pauvret ManPower Group

« Supermood is the opposite of the well-known annual survey, always heavy and time-consuming.The main advantage of Supermood is to allow a powerful feedback collection in real time. »

Hélène Pouvert, ManPower Group

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« Our employees have the pleasure of expressing themselves through a small, fun, relevant and effective questionnaire, which they expect every Thursday. With Supermood, we have concretized the group's first step on the road to" happiness "!"  »

Julia De Queiros, Human Resources Manager, Labrador Company

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