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What is the SuperFeedback ?

SuperFeedback allows you to create survey campaigns designed to automatically collect useful feedback from your employees, analyse the data, then transform it into clear, precise reports… in real time!

Thanks to artificial intelligence and an expertise in I/O Psychology, SuperFeedback provides intelligent surveys around 10 drivers, adapted to the specific context of each company.

SuperFeedback is the perfect tool to use to find out what's really happening within each team and achieve week-on-week and month-on-month improvements in workplace engagement.

«10 engagement drivers : Workplace, Freedom, Role, Impact, Happiness, Relationship with coworkers, Relationship with managers, Recognition, Company vision, Evolution»

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Why the SuperFeedback ?

Discover how this tool will transform your company

A scientific approach

Our I/O psychologists have identified 10 employee engagement drivers and put together more than 150 scientifically validated questions. The methods used to construct the questionnaires and the scoring scales are also drawn from scientific research, and this includes those used for the customised surveys. Find out more about the occupational psychology expertise Supermood has available.

80% response rate

With its short, regular, anonymised and fun to complete surveys, Supermood quickly becomes a third-party partner employees can trust. This enables them to express themselves freely and share their ideas, thus contributing to the process of improving the employee experience.

Learn more about what's going on

Find out what the real engagement levers are in each of your teams. The ability to carry out filtered analyses enables disparities within the company to be brought to the surface and identified in the blink of an eye. Using the combination of the engagement balloon and the correlation of the questions to SuperScore, find out what draws your employees' engagement levels upwards and what holds them back.

Take action

Our I/O psychologists work alongside businesses in analysing and interpreting the results. Use their recommendations to convert your results into an action plan.

For every stakeholder of the company

For HR teams

Customise the questions and the frequency of the surveys and adapt them to the context of your own company, using our occupational psychologists' recommendations to help you in the process.

•  Autopilot
Quickly and easily manage your survey campaigns. From a communication kit for employees through to translations and launch emails, Supermood takes care of it all!

•  Rapid detection
Get the benefit of highly relevant analyses (i.e. disparities, heatmaps, and textual analysis) and use them to your advantage; rapidly identify the issues occurring across your teams; and take action in real time. No more need to wait for the results of the traditional yearly survey!

For managers

  Intelligent analyses
Highly relevant analyses and statistics to enable you to discover and identify the strong and weak aspects of each team's engagement. Capture genuinely useful information in real time and quickly act on it.

•  A better understanding of your teams
The anonymity SuperFeedback provides enables you to collect information in a completely transparent manner. This means you can find out what the real engagement levers at work in each of your teams are.

•  An intelligent management tool
Establish a routine of effort and reward: congratulate yourself on the encouraging points, and propose measures to address the issues raised.

For employees

•  Ultra-fast
A few seconds is all it takes to respond to a SuperFeedback survey, and this can be done directly from the employee's email software or mobile phone, with no password required!

•  100% Anonymous
Anonymity is strictly and absolutely maintained, throughout our product. Data is only displayed once the minimum threshold of five respondents has been reached.

•  The employee experience
By responding to SuperFeedback on a regular basis, employees actively contribute to the introduction of measures designed to improve wellbeing and quality of life at work and to the company's corporate culture.

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Hélène Pauvret ManPower Group

« Supermood iteratively manages to collect feedback on relevant topics. The platform offers a wide variety of questions on broad topics. Ergonomics and the offbeat side make it a popular tool for employees. For them, the Supermood survey becomes a real appointment! »

Hélène Pauvert, Responsable Eclaireur Office, ManPower Group

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