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Comprehensive expert help and assistance for every company

Our experts are always available to help, support and work with you throughout your relationship with Supermood.

You get an expert in engagement, who takes charge of configuring your account, importing your employee lists and launching your first survey campaign. They will also help and advise you and share with you the best practices employed by companies similar to your own!

Additionally, we have I/O Psychologists available internally to help you devise any personalised questions you might require, put together your themed campaigns and plan your custom reports.

We work closely with all our (happy) clients to ensure they fully benefit from all the features and functionality the platform offers and enable their internal users to have the best experience possible with Supermood.

The three qualities our engagement experts bring:

Our support's average response time? Nine minutes – barely the time it takes to brew a nice cup of coffee!

Specialist expertise
Having being trained and educated in the best work engagement practices, each of our experts will know precisely how to help and guide you.

Service with a smile
A smile so consistently present that it's evident in every interaction and can be detected right at the other end of the phone line.

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