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The human component lies at the core of organisational competitiveness. Businesses are living entities, conglomerations of thousands of simultaneous ideas that grow, die and multiply. The structures that stand between the internal and the external are becoming more porous than ever before. The women and men making them up can see that the rigid hierarchical lines that once led straight to the top of a strictly organised pyramid are now flexible and changeable.

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We are therefore witnessing an evolution towards a more dynamic, volatile and uncertain world of work. The challenge now facing today's business leaders is that of finding out and understanding what motivates their company and its employees so they can help the latter develop and progress together in the same common direction.

The distinctive character of French businesses resides in the quality of their services, their technological innovations and their efficiency and effectiveness. Preserving and making use of these levers is absolutely and fundamentally essential when it comes to maintaining this competitiveness – and we sometimes forget that the employees who make up a business are the primary constitutive factor of that competitiveness. Without motivated employees, a business will not be successful over the long term. Unfortunately, and as all the studies demonstrate, the average level of workplace engagement exhibited by employees today is dramatically reduced. For the sake of the performance of French businesses, it is essential to act. The traditional tools used to measure employee satisfaction are today no longer in sync with the speed and dynamism of our businesses.

Supermood was created in order to meet these challenges.

It is today possible for senior management and human resources to understand what motivates their employees, quantify the most powerful levers of employee engagement, and receive automated plan-of-action suggestions by means of regular surveys.With Supermood, annual satisfaction surveys are transformed into more frequent, more personalised and more relevant dialogues.This practice of engaging in regular dialogue as a matter of routine enables employees to feel genuinely involved in the process of bringing about change in their company. And as for the business's senior management, they get to get to find out what impact their decisions have on their employees' engagement levels in real time, which means they are able to optimally integrate the human factor into their strategy.

Supermood team :

Robin Nicollet
CTO & Co-fondateur

Kevin Bourgeois
CEO & Co-fondateur

Neila Chourki

Lucas Claude
Data Scientist

Paul Gratian
Culture Strategist et Psychologue du travail

Alice Caillet
Customer Success

Pierre Vincent
International Account Manager

Claire Van de Voorde
Product Manager

Juliette Cabaret
Head of Customer Experience

Safia Mimoun
Marketing Manager

Head of Magic

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