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I/O Psychology – The Expertise Supermood Provides

Our Culture Strategists are there to support and assist you with the implementation of Supermood, help you analyse and interpret the results, and to participate in the creation and development of the product. Our I/O Psychologists they base their approach on the very latest scientific research in occupational psychology, thus ensuring the Supermood experience is both efficient and effective.

The questions provided by Supermood are grouped and organised into categories based on the various engagement levers used to evaluate the different facets that make up businesses and that have an impact on employees' satisfaction and engagement levels. The themes and questions dealt with by Supermood are inspired by scientific literature drawn from the subject areas of occupational psychology, organisational theory, management, economic sciences, human resources, etc.

Supermood's I/O Psychologists are also experts at constructing questionnaires, thus enabling them to provide questions that are properly adapted to each specific organisation. And here again, the methods used to construct the questionnaires are drawn from scientific research into the analytical and measurement tools used to examine real-world work situations.

The help and support provided by Supermood is also based on I/O Psychology research into the implementation of these kinds of tools and the organisation of work in the workplace, and more particularly, into the feedback tools used in businesses.

And finally, our I/O Psychologists work alongside businesses in analysing and interpreting the results. This helps to ensure that the data is interpreted in a bias-free, objective manner and that the resulting actions are optimal in effectiveness.

Supermood's teams are continually seeking ways to improve both the product and its use within businesses in order to maximise its potential efficiency and effectiveness.

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