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Supermood is, by design, a tailor-made experience for Human Resources teams, managers and employees. It's adapted to every corporate context and we made it possible for you to custom every parameter.

150 questions available

Choose from our library of more than 150 questions. Drawn from scientific research and edited by our occupational psychologists, they guarantee you maximum value from your surveys!

Frequency customisation

We give you the flexibility to choose the frequency of your campaigns, i.e. weekly or monthly, and to put them on temporary hold, such as during holidays.

Customised questions

Every company is a unique venture in itself! We, therefore, give you the ability to ask your own questions and adapt your questionnaires to your company's particular culture and the way it operates.

10 key drivers

Explore all aspects of engagement with our 10 key variables: Workspace, Happiness, Freedom, Impact, Employee relationships, Management relationships, Recognition, Corporate vision, Evolution


Supermood has many international clients and is available in 18 languages.


Automatically programmed survey reminders are already included in the tool; all that's left for you to do is modify them for your needs and confirm them!


No more need to worry about writing emails, programming reminders and creating reports to send to management. Simply check and confirm everything during configuration and we'll automate it all for you!

Adopted by employees


Supermood is a third-party partner your employees can trust. We work on first name terms with the members of your teams and discuss things with them directly, and we are completely transparent about the way data is used.

Ultra-rapid surveys

It takes employees less than 30 seconds to respond to one of our surveys. And that will always be the case!

Light and fun in tone

We firmly believe that a questionnaire can be both serious and adopt a light and fun tone at the same time. So that's exactly what we set out to achieve!

Mobile friendly

Supermood works superbly on mobiles and tablets. Your employees can even choose to respond when and wherever they like.


Guaranteed anonymity lies at the heart of everything Supermood does. For example, we only display the results once there are five or more respondents per team.

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Response rate

At Supermood, we have observed an average response rate of 80%! Impressed?

Analyses that provide more than you expected


Supermood provides you with comprehensive, complete, intelligent reports. So relevant, they beg to be shared. You can also view different analyses that will give insights on all your company's disparities and granularities.



Compare your scores and performance with those of other companies in the market and identify your weaknesses or competitive advantages.


Automatic alerts

You can now be alerted about important changes directly from your dashboard thanks to a system based on machine learning.


Distribution lists

Collect feedback from your female employees about a question dealing with equality, or from employees who've only been at your company for two years or less.


Engagement balloon

Find out, at a glance, what draws your employees' engagement upwards and what holds it back.


Reports in Powerpoint

Export your reports directly to Powerpoint and edit and customise them as you see fit.


Manager access

Grant access rights to individual managers so they can view and read their teams' results.


Custom reports

Create a tailor-made report: pick the dimensions and metrics you would like to include and who should receive it!

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