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What is the SuperLike ?

SuperLike is a tool fostering recognition across teams. Once a week, every employee is granted the ability to give a single SuperLike to one of their colleagues.

Anonymous or named along with a customed message, the SuperLike reinforces the trust of employees and creates a positive emulation in the teams that use it.

SuperLike is born from the idea that recognition is the first engagement

« Who do you want to send a SuperLike to? »

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Why the SuperLike ?

Discover how this tool will transform your company

Grow motivation

Recognize effort, skills and the person itself is the first driver to motivation. A symbolic and fun retribution such as the SuperLike makes motivation grow significantly among teams.

Culture of gratitude

Create a culture of recognition in your company and a positive circle within teams. Saying thank you, encouraging each other, is not (yet) a habit in all teams.

Reboost trust

The SuperLike reboost confidence for every employee every week. The frequency and regularity of the SuperLike have a positive impact within teams using it.

Teams interactions

The SuperLike allows you to identify the teams that often interact and work well together, and the teams that are isolated. We also made it possible to analyse disparities between teams (managers vs not managers, seniority, etc)

For every stakeholder of the company

For HR teams

  Global motivation
Create an open recognition culture, without limits of departments nor hierarchy.

•  Identify Silos
Easily identify teams that often interact and work well together and isolated teams. Forget about intuitions, you might have some surprises reading the results!

•  Gamification
Increase motivation and interest among your employees by including a fun daily routine such as the SuperLike.

For managers

  Team spirit
Give your teams a new way of saying thank you, celebrating success, in a cheerful and fun way!

•  Interactions and groups
Select the attributes that matter to you and identify the interaction within your teams. For example, learn easily if the onboarding of newcomers is a success.

•  Rendezvous
Once a week, the employees using it are looking forward to sending their weekly single SuperLike. This creates a real team routine.

For employees

•  Fun
Everyone can add a message along with the SuperLike: "Thank you for your help on the project X", "Congratulations on your new responsibilities!"...

•  GIF
Everyone can even add a Gif to their SuperLike. "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say.

•  Privacy
The tool is strictly confidential. No possible ranking of the employees who received more SuperLikes. Everyone competes equally with the SuperLike.

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Perrine Scalabre RHH Elan

« At Elan, the SuperLike are very popular and reboost people! Thanks to all the Supermood team for that. »

Perrine Scalabre, Responsable Ressources Humaines, Elan

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