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Every week, every month, evaluate your employee engagement with a simple engagement indicator, backed by science.

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What is SuperScore ?

SuperScore is a simple and unique way of measuring your employees' levels of engagement.

Using eNPS, a scientifically validated methodology, SuperScore divides your employees into three categories: ambassadors, passives and non-ambassadors. Your score is worked out by calculating the difference between the percentage of ambassadors and the percentage of non-ambassadors.

SuperScore is the perfect tool to use to simply and easily take your company's pulse, track its development/progress, and find out what your employees are saying about your company to the outside world.

« How likely is it that you would recommend your company as a great place to work? »

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Why the SuperScore ?

Discover how this indicator will transform your company

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Quantify your employees' engagement levels and keep a regular eye on your company's results, either globally or by specific criteria per individual team. Compare your managers' engagement with that of your non-managerial staff, your teams on the ground with your office-based teams, or even male staff with female staff.

Real Time

React in real time to events that have an impact on your employees' engagement levels. Transformation, internal communications, implementation of actions: immediately capture how these are perceived by your teams and react accordingly.

Key feedbacks

Identify the positive and the negative factors with our automatic text analysis algorithm, and take advantage of the opportunity to feedback key information and provide a quick and rapid reaction.

Reliable barometer

With an average response rate of 80% observed at Supermood, SuperScore is a measurement you can rely on. It is also the measurement used by the world's largest consultancy firms.

For every stakeholder of the company

For HR teams

•  Very simple administration
SuperScore is very quick and easy to manage and administrate and can be implemented in just a few days. The platform is extremely easy to use, with just one metric to track.

•  Generation of practical and useful reports
Access a diverse range of real-time analysis: Score distribution, SuperScore Development/Progression, Comparison between teams, Trends, Verbatim reports, and more.

•  Regular barometer
Move from using just the one traditional annual survey to a monthly SuperScore, and make gains and improvements in terms of the tracking, the rhythm/frequency and the evaluation of your actions.

For manager

•  Representative surveys
Strict adherence to representativeness. Thanks firstly to an average response rate of 80%, and secondly to the anonymity provided, which protects the confidentiality of the opinions expressed by your employees.

•  Comparison between teams
Using the various filters available, compare different teams with each other and focus your attention where it's really required.

•  An intelligent management tool
Establish a routine of effort and reward: congratulate yourself on the encouraging points, and propose measures to address the issues raised.

For employees

•  30-second response time
That's a promise. A score and a comment can be dragged and dropped directly from employees' email software, using either their PC/laptop or mobile phone. You don't even need a password!

•  Anonymity
This is strictly and absolutely maintained, throughout our product. Data can only be displayed once the minimum threshold of five respondents per team is reached. Find out about the anonymity provided by Supermood in more detail here. →

•  Go even further
Thanks to the ability to leave comments after a SuperScore, you can justify the score attributed, no matter whether it's on the positive or the negative side.

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Perrine Scalabre RHH Elan

« The SuperScore is a great way of evaluating the impact of our actions related to corporate life. »

Perrine Scalabre, Responsable Ressources Humaines, Elan

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