The Super Platform

Supermood is the platform for living companies that don't wait. An all-in-one platform dedicated to listening to employees.

  • Simple
  • Playful
  • Robust
  • Smart
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Collecting feedback
Data analysis
Informed measurement
An engaging platform
  • Live results
  • Smart reminders
  • Mobile

An engaging platform

  • Ensure that your employees adhere to the program over the long term with an easy-to-use platform. 
  • Communicate with your employees through confidential surveys with a high response rate (75% on average)
  • Customize your communication by adding your logo and colors
  • Choose from a wide range of questions (closed, open, MCQ, QCU, etc.)
Supermood an engaging platform
Powerful analysis
  • Customizable attributes
  • Disparity Analysis
  • Team alert

Powerful analysis

  • Illuminate your results with the power of data.
  • Measure yourself against the largest French benchmark (eNPS / 5M+ responses) and compare your teams with each other using the heat map. 
  • Filter feedback by demographic criteria (team, seniority, generation...) or by your custom attributes. 
  • Link data to verbal expression with the open-ended comments available for each question, and analyzed from thousands of verbatims in seconds thanks to our automated processing.
Powerful analytics with Supermood
A real lever for action
  • Basis of recommendation
  • Excel and PPTX export
  • Vote for the best actions

A real lever for action

  • Help your managers take action with monitored engagement levers and automatic prioritization.
  • Record actions and visualize their impact on your employees. 
  • Communicate automatically by enabling team sharing.
  • React to your employees' comments to show them that their opinion counts (good idea, thank you...).
Supermood a lever for action
For companies on the move
  • +350 questions available
  • Parallel investigations
  • Participation rate monitoring

For companies on the move

  • Your company is a living organism. The Supermood platform was built to keep up with your evolution.
  • Create your own questions or draw inspiration from the 350+ questions available based on your context. 
  • Save time with SmartList, which allows you to target populations without having to recreate a list every time you change.
  • Follow your pace with configurable survey frequencies.
Supermood for companies on the move
Built for business
  • +150 languages available
  • API
  • Solution for non-connected workers

Built for business

  • Gain peace of mind with a robust and proven platform.
  • The Supermood platform easily handles the complexity of a matrix organization, and offers a sophisticated access rights management system.
  • Make life easier for yourself and your employees by integrating Supermood with your HRIS through our API, and push your surveys to omnichannel throughout the employee journey.
Built for the company of tomorrow
  • GDPR

    Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

  • ISO-27001

    Standard for ensuring information security

Autonomous but never alone

Autonomous but never alone

All our offers include human support to help you develop employee feedback

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