Why Supermood?

Why employee feedback?

The world moves fast: so do the ideas and the employees!

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It's obvious

Establish continuous dialogue in the company

Successful organizations are those that remain agile and capitalize on collective intelligence.

Employees want to have their say, and leaders know how to use feedback from the field to make informed decisions.

Deploying a collaborative feedback system ensures that you remain competitive, catalyze innovation and provide a better working environment for everyone.

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It's obvious

The benefits for your business

More engagement and employee retention

More engagement and employee retention

Understand the needs of your teams and have the necessary elements to create an optimal employee experience.

More agility and resilience for your business

More agility and resilience for your business

Use collective intelligence to meet the challenges of your market. Check your way from A to B without deviating from your initial objective. React quickly to sudden changes and involve your collaborators in the process.

More objectivity and productivity

More objectivity and productivity

Capture trends, detect weak signals and measure with granularity the impact of your actions with employee feedback.

Our approach

Our mission? Energize your business!

Your company is a living organism.

Its strength? Its ability to reinvent itself.

Its enemy? The status quo, which immobilizes it.

Supermood reinvigorates companies with positive and creative energy through a culture of dialogue. We help you create conversations at all levels, to understand, decide, act, measure, and move forward!

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Our approach

A hybrid approach

The alliance of technology and people: a simple and powerful platform to get your employees talking.

Expert support to guide you in the creation and analysis of quality conversations.

The power of our technology

A technology proven by hundreds of thousands of employees. 

Our proprietary algorithms detect disparities in your teams, analyze your verbatims and compare your results automatically. 

Save time and avoid bias. All in complete security, thanks to our ISO-27001 certified servers.

5M+ responses

A pragmatic, results-oriented approach

We create pragmatic conversations. 

Engagement, performance, business ideas, processes, tools: all topics are addressed. 

From the feeling of recognition to the use of your CRM, your teams talk about concrete and actionable topics.

Our differences

French leadership

Supermood is one of the pioneer companies of the "pulse survey" in France.

Accompanying hundreds of companies in their transformations: Technology SMEs, CAC40 industrial companies, family businesses and multinationals.

Strong growth and renewed confidence of our customers.

The largest benchmark: you are sure to compare your results to the right data.

Firmly focused on action

Talking is good. Acting is better.

Supermood has a pragmatic approach and a methodology that drives action.

The content and form of the questions, the expert guidance, the platform's features: everything is done to make things happen!

We're committed

Since its creation, Supermood has been a committed company. Our mission, as stated in our shareholder agreement, is to "create companies where people can achieve their full potential". 

This is what led us to choose the impact fund Citizen Capital as our investor. Each year, we report on a financial business plan... but also on a human and responsible one!

Our commitment also includes respect for the environment. Supermood offsets its carbon emissions through a partnership with Tree-Nations. This NGO aims to replant forests. Thus, each feedback on Supermood plants a tree!

  • 40 employees

  • 50% women
    50% men

  • 13 nationalities