Our customers : Candia

Continuously improve the employee experience from plants to headquarters
Our customers : Candia
34 744opinions expressed
4weeks of work saved per year for HR
+22eNPS points (employee Net Promoter Score)
6609Shared Superlikes

Candia in figures

8 dairy plants in France

843 employees in France

1.2 billion in annual sales

Judith L’Hermitte

Every month, the Executive Committee analyzes the results of internal surveys, in particular the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score). We go into detail on the industrial sites. Supermood enables plant managers to take action and get in touch with employees.

Judith L’HermitteDirector of Human Resources, Safety and Environment
Director of Human Resources, Safety and Environment

The issues

Collect feedback from employees.

Promote cohesion and recognition among colleagues.

Bringing out innovations from the field.

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Quick understanding of results and analysis.

Anonymization of responses, for honest feedback and reliable data.

The tone of the platform, which creates a proximity with employees and acts as a trusted third party.

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) which echoes the culture of customer satisfaction and loyalty of the Candia group.

The SuperLike that strengthens team cohesion.

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Impact of Supermood

A generalized feedback culture with +34,000 opinions expressed via the platform.

A common language adopted by the 8 dairy plants.

Strengthened team cohesion, with +6000 SuperLikes shared.

A continuously improving employer brand and employee experience, with +22 points in the eNPS.

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