Our customers : Fnac Darty

Building a new corporate culture among 26,000 employees
Our customers : Fnac Darty
20 000employees surveyed
700 000+opinions expressed
6different countries

Fnac-Darty in figures

26,000 employees worldwide

780 stores worldwide

81M customers per year

1 merger between Fnac and Darty in 2016

Isabelle Lenicolais

For Fnac Darty, Supermood is one of the first common tools to create a common culture. Supermood is a tool for social dialogue that no longer revolves solely around elected representatives or managers. It is a renewed third way, with direct expression and without filters.

Isabelle LenicolaisDirector of HR Projects and Change Management
Director of HR Projects and Change Management

The issues

Find a common language to co-construct a unifying culture in a post-merger international context (13 countries).

Compensate for the lack of agility of the annual survey.

Develop a feedback culture that encourages social dialogue, from Comex to the stores.

Make quick decisions that improve business processes and employee engagement.

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Quick understanding of results and analysis for managers.

Anonymization of responses, for honest feedback and reliable data.

The tone of the platform, which creates a proximity with employees and acts as a trusted third party.

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), essential in retail, with its culture of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Florence Maurice

“Supermood is a great tool to measure and improve team engagement.”

Florence MauriceHead of HR Diversity Projects, Disability and QWL Mission - Group HRD
Head of HR Diversity Projects, Disability and QWL Mission - Group HRD
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Impact of Supermood

A widespread feedback culture with over 700,000 employee opinions expressed via the platform..

A common language adopted by the two merged entities.

Greater employee participation in social dialogue (+30% participation in the eNPS survey for the Group, +45% in the stores).

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