Our clients : Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine

How to manage its transformation in a context of crisis Covid-19?
Our clients : Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine
1998employees surveyed
+38 000opinions expressed
65 to 75 %of participation rate
15 minTime spent / month by HR (versus several days for an annual survey)

Crédit Agricole in figures

657,000 customers

1998 employees

8 departments

138 agences

Bernard Augris

Supermood has been essential to our teams during this health crisis. With its solution, we can see very quickly the strengths and areas for improvement in our organizations, allowing us to make quick adjustments and anticipate action plans where necessary.

Bernard AugrisHR Director, Organization and IT
HR Director, Organization and IT

The issues

Listen to employees' feelings and needs regarding their employee experience

Compensating for the lack of agility of the annual survey

Steering and monitoring the company's transformations, ensuring a balance of attention between customer and employee experience

Faced with the Covid-19 context, provide remote support to all the teams in the various departments

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Quick understanding of results and analysis.

Anonymization of responses, for honest feedback and reliable data.

Administration and processing of satisfaction surveys that goes from a few days for the annual survey to a few minutes with Supermood.

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is complementary to the IER.

Bernard Augris

“Previously, it took several days to administer a QWL survey and to set it up, whereas today it can be a few minutes, a few hours, to administer a Supermood survey. So it's a huge time saver for the teams in charge.”

Bernard AugrisHR Director, Organization and IT
HR Director, Organization and IT
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Impact of Supermood

Internal feedback culture, with +38,000 opinions expressed via the platform.

Complementary commitment metric to the IER.

Employee participation in transformations and social dialogue.

Optimized management of the health crisis, with refocused internal communication during the first confinements.

Testimonials in the Banking-Insurance sector

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During the health crisis, fintech Pretto pilots its hypergrowth with Supermood.

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