Our customers : Pretto

In the midst of a health crisis, how to innovate in the management of hypergrowth?
Our customers : Pretto
+2500opinions expressed
+22%monthly participation of employees in surveys
+23eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score)
15 minaverage time per month to implement a survey campaign

Pretto in figures

200 employees - Paris and Nantes

+100% - team growth

29 years - average age of employees

9,3M € - funds raised since 2017

Caroline LOPEZ

With the data, KPIs and verbatim analyses on the Supermood platform, our management team and our managers have an innovative reading grid on human and managerial issues. It's a real decision-making aid in real time that allows us to continuously optimize projects and internal processes.

Caroline LOPEZHead of People
Head of People

The issues

Analyze in real time the impact of transformations and optimize management.

Keep the link and the motivation of the remote teams.

Adapt the onboarding program to the disruption of the health crisis.

Innovate on communication, management and hybrid work to meet the needs of employees.

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to track managerial performance across all teams.

Personalized and anonymous internal survey campaigns to identify management strengths and weaknesses.

Operational gain in the administration and processing of satisfaction surveys.

The SuperLike to strengthen recognition and cohesion within teams.

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Impact of Supermood

Strengthened alignment between management, People teams, managers, and employees: +2500 feedbacks expressed.

Employees involved in the life of the company: +22% participation in monthly surveys.

Strengthened employer brand and retention: eNPS at +23 points.

Daily use of Supermood embedded in the corporate culture.

15 minutes per month in the administration and processing of employee satisfaction surveys.

Testimonials from startups and SMEs using Supermood

Find out how these organizations have succeeded in their transformation


In hypergrowth, OpenClassrooms pilots the continuous transformation of its teams with Supermood.


Grant Thornton France is continuously improving its employer brand with Supermood.


The QUODAGIS group pilots the continuous improvement of its organizational performance with Supermood.

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