Our clients : OpenClassrooms

In hypergrowth, know how to manage the transformation of your teams
Our clients : OpenClassrooms
+100%Increase in the number of employees
+10 000opinions expressed
12weeks of work saved per year for HR

OpenClassrooms in figures

+100% increase in the number of employees

10 employees to onboard per month

+250% growth in sales

130M raised in total


In our hypergrowth context, Supermood is essential to align us and achieve all our objectives. The solution has a big impact on management improvement.

Sandra DI GIOVANNIHuman Resource Business Partner
Human Resource Business Partner

The issues

Strengthen the culture and federate around a common language in a period of hypergrowth and international development.

Recruit senior profiles quickly (VP, Head of).

Create a culture of internal feedback.

Monitor and optimize the impact of investments in workspace redesign.

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Personalized and anonymized internal survey campaigns.

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), a unique employer brand indicator for monitoring managerial performance.

Operational gain for HR in the administration and processing of satisfaction surveys.

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Impact of Supermood

340 employees regularly surveyed to participate in social dialogue.

Continuously optimized 6-month onboarding program, monitored by micro-surveys.

Daily use of Supermood embedded in the corporate culture.

12 work weeks saved per year for HR in the administration and processing of satisfaction surveys.

Testimonials from startups and SMEs using Supermood

Find out how these organizations have succeeded in their transformation

Bank insurance

In transformation, Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine accelerates the development of the symmetry of attentions with its teams with Supermood.


Grant Thornton France is continuously improving its employer brand with Supermood.


The QUODAGIS group pilots the continuous improvement of its organizational performance with Supermood.

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Ready to move from listening to impact? 

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