Our clients : Grant Thornton

Continuously improve your employer brand
Our clients : Grant Thornton
1800employees surveyed
+71 000opinions expressed
+18eNPS points (employee Net Promoter Score)
2weeks of work saved per year

Grant Thornton in figures

1800 employees in France

50% of employees are regularly on the move

182 M€ of annual sales (2018)


Supermood is one of the most accessible and easy to set up tools compared to other heavy solutions. It is a real revolution.

Christelle LE COUSTUMERDirector of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources

The issues

Identify and analyze in real time the strengths and weaknesses of the employer brand. Optimize the attractiveness and retention of talent.

Follow a social barometer more agile and fun than an annual survey.

Create a unifying culture that connects headquarters and traveling consultants.

Include field feedback in the company's HR strategy.

Why Supermood

The ergonomics of the platform, easy to use.

Agility in responding to the contextual needs of employees.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to continuously monitor the evolution of the employee experience.

Personalized and anonymized internal survey campaigns.

Operational gain for HR in the administration and processing of satisfaction surveys.

Audrey Alaux

“The Supermood solution is fun - that's what employees often tell us - and relevant insofar as what we receive is really on the spot, based on what employees experience on a daily basis, and it's not something that will be analyzed six months later based on facts that are already dated, where employees may have responded in relation to a context that is no longer valid the rest of the year.”

Audrey AlauxHR and CSR Project Manager
HR and CSR Project Manager
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Impact of Supermood

Internal feedback culture, with +71,000 opinions expressed via the platform.

Redefinition of the company's values, co-constructed with the employees.

Enhanced employee experience and employer brand.

Save 2 weeks of work per year in the administration and processing of satisfaction surveys.

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